The Payment of Wages Act, 1936

The Payment of Wages Act regulates the payment of wages to employees in India.

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The Payment of Wages Act, 1936 is an Indian legislation that governs the payment of wages to employees in India. The act mandates that wages be paid in a timely and accurate manner and prohibits unauthorized deductions from employee wages. It also sets standards for the maintenance of wage registers and requires that employees be provided with a written statement of their wages and deductions. The act applies to all employees in India who earn less than a specified amount (currently INR 24,000 per month) and covers various industries such as factories, railways, mines, and plantations.

Section 1 : Short title, extent, commencement and application

Section 2 : Definitions

Section 3 : Responsibility for payment of wages

Section 4 : Fixation of wage-periods

Section 5 : Time of payment of wages

Section 6 : Wages to be paid in current coin or currency notes or by cheque or crediting in bank account

Section 7 : Deductions which may be made from wages

Section 8 : Fines

Section 9 : Deductions for absence from duty

Section 10 : Deductions for damage or loss

Section 11 : Deductions for services rendered

Section 12 : Deductions for recovery of advances

Section 12A : Deductions for recovery of loans

Section 13 : Deductions for payments to co-operative societies and insurance schemes

Section 13A : Maintenance of registers and records

Section 14 : Inspectors

Section 14A : Facilities to be afforded to Inspectors

Section 15 : Claims arising out of deductions from wages or delay in payment of wages and penalty for malicious or vexatious claims

Section 16 : Single application in respect of claims from unpaid group

Section 17 : Appeal

Section 17A : Conditional attachment of property of employer or other person responsible for payment of wages

Section 18 : Powers of authorities appointed under section 15

Section 19 : [Omitted]

Section 20 : Penalty for offences under the Act

Section 21 : Procedure in trial of offences

Section 22 : Bar of Suits

Section 22A : Protection of action taken in good faith

Section 23 : Contracting out

Section 24 : Delegation of powers

Section 25 : Display by notice of abstracts of the Act

Section 25A : Payment of undisbursed wages in cases of death of employed person

Section 26 : Rule-making power

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