About KanoonGPT

Redefining Legal Technology Landscape of India

Our Mission

At KanoonGPT, our primary mission is to make Indian legislation accessible and easily understandable for everyone, from law students to professionals. We aim to do so by providing an exhaustive Online Bare Acts Library and offering AI-powered legal research through KanoonGPT, which interacts with Bare Acts to simplify law's complexities.

Our Story

KanoonGPT was born out of a desire to use technology to democratize the understanding of Indian legislation. We identified the accessibility and complexity of legal texts as significant barriers to this understanding. That's why we dedicated ourselves to building a platform that can make legal research simple for everyone and introduce AI to the legal landscape of India.

Our Future

We are constantly evolving and introducing new features to further improve your experience. Soon, we will be launching a Mock Test platform for an all-encompassing AIBE exam preparation experience. Also, stay tuned for the launch of KanoonGPT, the AI-powered legal research assistant.

Our Team

Behind KanoonGPT is an enthusiastic team of developers, legal professionals and AI specialists committed to providing a better and more accessible legal system in India. Each member brings a unique set of skills, fueling the continuous growth and development of KanoonGPT.