The Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act, 1946

The Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act, 1946 lays down the rules for employers to define the terms and conditions of employment.

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The Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act, 1946 is a labour law in India that requires employers to define the terms and conditions of employment through standing orders. These standing orders must be in writing and must be certified by a certifying officer appointed by the government. The Act applies to all industrial establishments with 100 or more workmen. It aims to promote better employer-employee relationships, ensure uniformity in employment conditions and facilitate effective settlement of industrial disputes. Any violation of the provisions of the Act can result in imprisonment or a fine.

Section 1 : Short title, extent and application

Section 2 : Interpretation

Section 3 : Submission of draft standing orders

Section 4 : Conditions for certification of standing orders

Section 5 : Certification of standing orders

Section 6 : Appeals

Section 7 : Date of operation of standing orders

Section 8 : Register of standing orders

Section 9 : Posting of standing orders

Section 10 : Duration and modification of standing orders

Section 10A : Payment of subsistence allowance

Section 11 : Certifying Officers and appellate authorities to have powers of civil court

Section 12 : Oral evidence in contradiction of standing orders not admissible

Section 12A : Temporary application of model standing orders

Section 13 : Penalties and procedure

Section 13A : Interpretation, etc, of standing orders

Section 13B : Act not to apply to certain industrial establishments

Section 14 : Power to exempt

Section 14A : Delegation of powers

Section 15 : Power to make rules

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