The Hindu Adoptions and Maintenance Act, 1956

The Hindu Adoptions and Maintenance Act, 1956: A law that regulates adoption and maintenance among Hindus

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The Hindu Adoptions and Maintenance Act, 1956 is an Indian law that governs the adoption and maintenance of children among Hindus. The Act aims to consolidate and amend the law relating to adoptions and maintenance among Hindus, and provides procedures for adopting a child and for the maintenance of family members. The Act also establishes rules for disowning and disinheriting a child. It applies to Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, and Sikhs, and extends to the whole of India except the state of Jammu and Kashmir.


Section 1 : Short title and extent

Section 2 : Application of Act

Section 3 : Definitions

Section 4 : Overriding effect of Act


Section 5 : Adoptions to be regulated by this Chapter

Section 6 : Requisites of a valid adoption

Section 7 : Capacity of a male Hindu to take in adoption

Section 8 : Capacity of a female Hindu to take in adoption

Section 9 : Persons capable of giving in adoption

Section 10 : Persons who may be adopted

Section 11 : Other conditions for a valid adoption

Section 12 : Effects of adoption

Section 13 : Right of adoptive parents to dispose of their properties

Section 14 : Determination of adoptive mother in certain cases

Section 15 : Valid adoption not to be cancelled

Section 16 : Presumption as to registered documents relating to adoptions

Section 17 : Prohibition of certain payments


Section 18 : Maintenance of wife

Section 19 : Maintenance of widowed daughter-in-law

Section 20 : Maintenance of children and aged parents

Section 21 : Dependants defined

Section 22 : Maintenance of dependants

Section 23 : Amount of maintenance

Section 24 : Claimant to maintenance should be a Hindu

Section 25 : Amount of maintenance may be altered on change of circumstances

Section 26 : Debts to have priority

Section 27 : Maintenance when to be a charge

Section 28 : Effect of transfer of property on right to maintenance

Section 29 : Repealed

Section 30 : Savings

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